Thursday, 5 December 2013

30 Day Challenge Review - Part 1: physical state

Hello beautiful blog. I've been avoiding you.

I know, not very mature but I just thought that if I ran away from you then we'd never have to say goodbye! But here I am now, ready to look back at the 30 days of October that seemed to go by so fast. So, with the silly season upon us, and carols playing in the background - let's begin!

Physical State:
I have never been someone who does anything more for my health and wellbeing other than attempt to eat healthy and exercise enough to balance out all boozing, late nights and frivolity that come with being a young-ish person. So having a set routine of supplements and tonics and vitamins took a while to become routine for me. But after about two weeks it came to feel quite normal and the very simple routine of it became just another part of my day. And yes, the taste of things also improved! I am quite sure that I will never forget my first day on this cleanse though. What an experience!

In 30 days I lost 5.4kg and 34cm from my body. My hip has never felt better. It's like I have never been injured at all. A month later, and many late nights, and long days, and bad food choices have had hardly any effect. My general health is strong and has survived a month of eating and drinking to excess. Clearly my immune and digestive systems have become bullet proof. Whether it was the miracle powders and potions or my commitment to focusing on my health and wellbeing, or a combination of both - it worked. As evidenced by my 30 days of posts, each day I felt stronger and lighter and more centred. That month really felt like a gift, and the fact that I also got to spend a lot of it at home relaxing, I am sure contributed to my overall feeling of wellness.

So would I recommend this program to my nearest and dearest? Would I suggest that they part with their hard earned cash? Yes I would. If you want to put in some serious work to improve your own health and have a program that supports you to do so - go for it. I can only speak for me, but it worked for me and what I wanted to achieve. I am so glad that I trusted my dear Kristy and let her lead me down this path.

I have no interest in advertising or profiting from the company that has created this program so I have purposely avoided mentioning them by name. But, if you want to know more, or even give it a try, get in touch and I will forward your details to Kristy.

For now, stay tuned for part 2 of my 30 day challenge review, the much trickier, much more impactful mental and emotional aspects of my cleanse. I promise it won't be so long between drinks this time :)

L x

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