Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Home is where my heart is

Just over twelve months ago, Archer and I found out that we had to move out of our apartment as the owner was selling. We were devastated. Weeks of scouring the internet then followed until finally the most perfect apartment came up - it was one street away and north facing.

Competition for apartments in our area is fierce. You can get 20-50 couples turn up to a viewing and half of them will come with completed applications and deposits. I arrived at the viewing on a Wednesday at 11:15am or whatever random time it was and as the agent was herding us hopefuls up the stairs a man with a toddler came out of the building. I viewed the apartment and as I suspected - it was everything we wanted. I grabbed an application and ran out of there so I could get back to the office to complete it.

As I got outside, the man with the toddler was sitting on the curb, trying to keep his baby entertained. I realised that he must be the current tenant, so I just stopped and said hi, and thanked him for sitting in the hot sun with his baby so that we could sticky beak around his place. He was shocked and thankful that someone had even acknowledged him. We ended up having a really nice 15 minute chat and then I headed back to work.

It turns out that he and his wife were actually very good friends of the owner, and after our conversation he called them and told them that if I put in an application that they should rent to us because I took the time to say thanks. And that's exactly what they did. The owners told the real estate to accept our application when it came in. That is the power of one small act of kindness. Of acknowledging someone else. Today that one act of kindness had another impact on my life.

When Archer moved out of our home I was determined to stay. This apartment is warm, inviting and makes everyone who enters it feel relaxed and welcomed. It's kind of magic. Archer desperately needs his money for the bond back so we advised the real estate that he has moved out and that I would be taking over the remaining lease. I also advised them that it was my absolute intention to re-sign for another year on my own as I am so happy living here.

Yesterday afternoon, after I had decided to finally let go, I got an email from the real estate. She had told the owners about my situation and my wish to take on the lease by myself. Much to her surprise and to my delight, the owners were not only happy to have just me sign on for another year but they offered it to me at the same price, they were not seeking a rent increase.

So as of this afternoon, my home is now just that - all mine. My heart is so full of gratitude I can barely stop the tears. Never have I been more sure that the energy that you put into the world is what comes back to you. And the happiness comes pouring in..

L x

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