Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Day 9: clear eyes, full heart, can't lose

Some days you're the windscreen and some days you're the bug. Today I was the windscreen. I started my day with the second interview for that job. It went really well and I will know by the end of this week.

I then walked though the city and up to my friends office and had a delicious sushi lunch with her, before spending the afternoon playing in her office. Did I mention she is a jewellery designer? What an amazing few hours of watching her work - so much talent in such a tiny little person but with a heart so big and kind and generous. She is good people.

After that I was off to sign MY lease (I'm never going to get tired of stating that) before heading out to dinner with my gorgeous friend (and cleansing mentor) Kristy for her birthday dinner. Now I am home, drinking my shake and taking some time to reflect. My body and mind are feeling so strong, I can't wait to see what happens next on this cleansing journey.

L x

Mental state - happy
Physical state - strong

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