Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Day 8: AM - no beer and no tv, make homer something something..

Convinced I was going to dream about food all night and wake up at the arse crack of dawn to eat everything in the house, I was surprised when I awoke at the very reasonable time of 7am after having a deep and restful sleep. Also, I wasn't crazy hungry. I was able to go through my routine and record all my measurements and take my pictures before heading out to have my tonic and shake.

How I expected yesterday to end
The numbers are interesting. I lost 2kg of fat and 15cm off my body overall. Where I saw the least reductions was in my legs which tells me that I am building much needed muscle there. So, high five me! My mind and body feel strong and resilient after a day without solid food but I am not going to exercise today just in case. I just got home from seeing my chiropractor who confirmed that my body is doing all the things it is supposed to, with my right hip only being a little twisted.

So, let's go week 2 - I am going to smash you!

L x

Mental state - motivated
Physical state - so freakin' good!

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  1. Are you charting all of this? I sort of want to see diagrams. Not in a weird way (mostly).