Monday, 7 October 2013

Day 7: PM - my kingdom for a pringle

So my lunch cocktail went down a treat and I spent the next few hours having a snack every hour and drinking a lot of water (I believe the technical term is 'a shit-tonne'). I also watched 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' which was complete 80's goodness. Like anyone who is tipsy in the day time, I then felt very warm and sleepy so I made my afternoon cocktail and took myself off to have a nap.

Upon waking, the first thing I thought of was food. Specifically the packet of chips that I had in the pantry, all covered in salty deliciousness. I was officially done with sweet cocktails and snacks. I wanted saaaaaallllllltttttttt. Aware that my blood sugar levels had probably dropped while I was sleeping, I got up and made my dinner cocktail. As soon as I drank it, I felt better, but I followed it not long after with the other cleanse day snack - green-tea infused dark chocolate (surprisingly good). Although not the salty hit I was looking for, it definitely gave me a boost.

Since waking from my nap I have been fantasising about all the things I am going to eat tomorrow. Unsurprising for anyone who knows me - sushi is at the top of the list. I am going to put it in and around my mouth and savour every last mouthful. What is significant is that while I am dreaming about eating, not once have I felt hungry today or like I am starving myself. I can't really explain that, I will need to do more research on the ingredients of all my pills and potions. But my body definitely feels like it got what it needed to get me through this day of relaxing and resting; it is only my stomach that is confused about the lack of traffic coming through.

Today I have consumed 320 calories, which is about a quarter of my usual daily total and consistent with the research around fasting. I definitely feel low on energy now, but much in the same way I do after exercise. I have felt quite emotional today - lots of reflecting and thinking about people that I love and dreaming of the future. But unlike the end of last week where the emotions were quite sad or confronting, today I have felt really grateful and connected and happy.

So that is the end of my first cleanse day and the end of my first week on this 30 day challenge. Tomorrow I start it all again including the weigh in, measurements and bathroom selfie. I am very much looking forward to starting week two and being able to compare each day to last week. If you're reading this, I hope you're enjoying my little self-experiment. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions on any of the posts.

L x

Mental state: tired, relaxed, optimistic
Physical state: Need to pee every 40 mins

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