Monday, 7 October 2013

Day 7: AM - fast times at ridgemont high

So, here we are. Cleanse day.

I woke up thinking about how much I like eating, how I always have, and how hard today might be for me. I did this not as an act of self sabotage but as a way to address my curiosities and concerns. The idea behind a cleanse/fasting day is to give your digestive system a day off, to flush it out with lots of water and let your body focus its energy on repairing other areas. Being the massive sceptic that I am, I did a lot of research about this concept. I mean, a lot. And I am happy to say that although it feels counter-intuitive after years of being told to eat five small meals a day, I am looking forward to trying it out, comfortable that there is enough independent scientific research backing up it's safety and efficacy.

As per usual, I got up and had my shot of watery poo tonic and a glass of water. Rather than then preparing my shake, I instead put two scoops of berry cleanse powder in a glass and mixed it with water; much like you make cordial. The powder smelled very sweet and berry-like so I was instantly suspicious of what I was about to put my poor, harassed taste buds through. It says to mix this powder with only warm or cool water as it is full of plant enzymes that are heat sensitive. I checked with Kristy that it was ok to add more water and ice, which made it look like a raspberry coloured cocktail. Embracing that idea I took a sip...

Delicious. Refreshing. Seriously, all it needed was a shot of gin or vodka and a little umbrella. And I get to drink this four times today!

I checked the schedule and I actually get to snack throughout the day, only in much smaller quantities. The idea is that blood-sugar levels should remain stable. So an hour after my breakfast cocktail I had my first cleanse day 'snack'. They look and taste like giant ovaltines which was a nice little trip down memory lane. Another hour and a bottle of water later I had my second ovaltine snack.

So now it is nearly time for my lunch cocktail and I am feeling very relaxed and not hungry at all. I would almost describe this feeling as being tipsy. If I start drunk dialling any of you, you know what's happening. Considering I have only consumed 85 calories so far today I cannot believe how much energy I have, and no signs of hypoglycaemia. If I don't eat regularly I am usually the hangriest person alive (hungry/angry = hangry).

I made very few plans today assuming I would be like a flea-ridden Dickensian prisoner in a dark cell, begging the guards for a scrap of bread. Instead, am feeling much closer to this:

Let's see what happens next!

L x

Mental state: happy, relaxed, warm, fuzzy (drunk?)
Physical state: totes normal (and not at all like Phoebe Cates - yet)

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