Saturday, 5 October 2013

Day 5: everybody's workin' for the weekend

Ok so half way through my second glass of wine last night I was tipsy. That was confusing but cool as I definitely didn't need or want another glass. Also, the benefit of getting tipsy from two glasses of wine is that you don't wake up with a hangover (who knew?!).

My apparently limitless energy levels are continuing; I woke up at 6am but managed to stay in bed until 7:30am. I expected to have immediate heel pain when putting my foot on the floor but all I had was a little stiffness and a dull ache that went away once I had been up and moving about for a bit.

Tempting as it was to head back out for another walk I decided to drink my berry shake on the balcony and catch some rays on this beautiful day. I can actually sit and sip and enjoy drinking the shake now - how things can change in 5 days.

After a day of relaxing in the sun I got myself all dolled up to head out to a birthday party. This was going to be the first test of not only my resolve but also my stamina! I can say that over five hours I had two glasses of red wine and didn't feel like I was missing out or was the only sober person at the party. The friends I was with are only relatively new in my world, less than a year, but are such sweet, loving, and generous people who have helped me so much during these very tumultuous three months. It was fortifying to spend an evening with such beautiful, good people.

As I had lazed around all day today I hadn't had a big lunch so I snacked on some olives and a couple of hot chips at the party but was happily surprised by how few I needed and wanted. I can only assume that my body is getting a lot of the goodness it needs thus reducing my cravings - and I usually LOVE party food. There's something about plates of little finger food that makes me crazy. I love it like a fat kid loves cake.

So now I am home, drinking my berry shake and about to head off to bed as I am out and about again tomorrow night. Hopefully it is a nice day tomorrow and I will get up early and head out for a nice, big walk. I am feeling so energised and excited about getting my body moving again - it's amazing how much lighter I feel now that a lot of dead weight is being cleared away. In more ways than one :)

L x

Mental state: reflective, grateful
Physical state: on top of the world

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