Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Day 29: the bionic woman

I had a great sleep which made it easier to get up early as I had a chiro appointment in the afternoon that I needed to leave work early for. I had my tonic and shake and headed off to work at 7:30am.

As per the day before, I was STARVING by 10am. I settled that with a cup of tea but only made it until 11:45am before I went and had a sushi lunch. I can only assume it is the huge amounts of brain power that I am using to learn my new job that is making me ravenous. The day passed in another blur of learning and concentration and then I was on my way to the chiro. For the first time in over a year, and despite the fact that I had been sick with a migraine on Saturday, my hips were perfectly straight and aligned. I can't really explain how good that was to hear. This is REAL progress. This is healing.

I bounced out of the chiro so excited about what that meant for me in my recovery and headed for home. Then hunger struck - again. Deciding to listen to my body I went to my favourite sushi train in the city and ordered my favourite dishes while sipping a green tea and reflecting on how good my hips are becoming (and yes, that's sushi twice in one day).

Once home, I decided to drink as much water as possible before turning in for an early night ahead of my final day on the challenge and my last cleanse day!

L x

Mental state - tired
Physical state - strong! (..and hungry)

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