Monday, 28 October 2013

Day 27: the hangover

After the excess of Saturday night and the very late hour I fell into bed, it is no wonder that when I woke up at 8am all I did was feed the cats, drink a bottle of water and fall straight back into bed before my hangover had time to realise that I was awake.

Opening my eyes at 11am I was expecting the worst. Of course I was. You can't throw a cleanse right out the window and expect to get off easily... or can you? Turns out I was extremely tired but NOT hungover!

So I had my tonic and shake then settled into the couch for a long day of watching movies and resting. At lunch time I made myself a scrambled egg and mushroom wrap with chilli sauce and watched World War Z. Before I knew it, it was Sunday night so I had my shake and watched some David Attenborough before taking myself to bed at 8:30pm for an early night.

I was drinking water constantly throughout the day to help my body process the alcohol I had consumed but apart from being tired all day I was good as gold (just another sign I am becoming a super hero).

L x

Mental state - surprised, reflective
Physical state - tired

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