Monday, 21 October 2013

Day 21: back to life, back to reality

Woke up from incredibly detailed and vivid dreams again. I will have to start writing them down. They really are like feature length movies. I got up and after my tonic and shake I went for a walk! Can't believe how fluid my body felt. No soreness or stiffness after not pounding the pavement in over a week. I really might be turning into a superhero.. you can all laugh now, but if I start flying or having super strength or x-ray vision - you are all gonna want a piece of that.

I made another delicious guacamole for lunch but was unable to eat the whole thing this time - but still gave it a red hot go. After my walk I could feel that I was burning through the calories so I made sure to eat afternoon tea as well. The rest of the day was spent doing my nails, getting my contract sorted out, napping (in my top 5 things to do - always) and making LPR laugh via text. Seriously, we send each other crazy, funny or abusive texts all day - it's kind of the best. Now I am waiting for my flatmate to get home as she was away for the whole weekend so we have a lot of story-swapping to do!

I am also going to download a yoga app (how Gen Y) so that when I am cleansing tomorrow I can do some stretching and movement with minimum energy expenditure. I really need to start elongating the muscles in my legs, back and hips so that I can be strong and long and lean (and fight crime in a kick-arse super suit).

L x

Mental state - chilled
Physical state - energised

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