Monday, 21 October 2013

Day 20: sleeping on the job

I woke up at 9:45am on DWYFLS feeling quite exhausted which is amazing for me. Since this challenge started I have not been able to sleep much past 7:15am, that's how full of energy I am. A big weekend of fun and frivolity had obviously taken it out of me and I was happily planning to spend the day doing sweet FA.

After my shake and my pills, I put on my bikini and lay out on my balcony for a couple of hours doing nothing but listening to music and working on my tan. My jewellery designer friend, the little pocket rocket (LPR) came around and we had a late lunch before we headed back to my place and ended up both falling asleep. We napped for about two hours so we both must have needed it!

Afternoon turned to evening and I had my shake and went to bed. A perfectly unremarkable day.

me for most of the day
L x

Mental state - chilled
Physical state - sleeeeeeeepy

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