Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Day 2: Evening - keeping my eye on the prize

One of the reasons I am doing this 30 day challenge is to see if my body can heal itself quicker. If you have read some of my previous blog posts you may have seen that I discovered running a couple of years ago and I fell hard in love. I felt like I had finally found something that benefited my mind and my body. And I did it nearly every day. Over a year ago now I developed a hip injury that means that my hips twist, resulting in shooting pain in my heels and worst of all - migraines. This stopped me running and has even made walking painful at times. But slowly slowly I am getting back into shape and looking after my hips and spine. I can now go walking every second day with no negative consequences. I want to increase this to every day in the hopes of being able to run ASAP.

Funnily enough, Kristy found a photo of us today at our first ever running event and seeing it has made me so much more determined. Running is the one and only thing that has ever made my heart truly happy. The one thing that is just for me. The one thing that I don't have to share with anyone else. My happy place.

I know that I am heart broken right now, I feel it in a very real way, but I also feel sure that after I complete my first run that my heart will start to heal. So that's where I have to get to. That's why I'm sticking with this no matter how much mouldy ass I need to drink.

So tonight I did a standard walk of about 6.7km and it took me an hour. Energy levels were good and my body felt fine. The longer I walked the less full and bloated I felt as well, so I will definitely try and increase to a daily walk if I can. I'm not sure if it's my new super sensitive nose but I could smell my sweat when I got back and it smells different. Not bad or good - just different. I'm assuming this is a result of toxins leaving my body so I'm taking it as a good sign.

I drank about half a litre of water before preparing my shake. I am happy to report that no pep talk was needed before taking my first sip tonight. All I thought was 'pep talk', started giggling and got on with it. I took more time drinking it, allowing myself to actually taste it and feel it in my mouth, and I am overjoyed to report that I could definitely taste chocolate this time and my gag reflex did not engage at all. It's definitely becoming less chemical tasting and more sweet. Thank jebus for that.

I'm off to bed now as I feel satisfyingly tired in both mind and body.

Mental state: determined, focused
Physical state: minimal bloating, good energy levels

L x

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