Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Day 2: Afternoon - where's my super suit?

After morning tea I had lots of energy and was able to focus and concentrate well at work. I'm still feeling constantly full which is strange but not uncomfortable. Glad I wore my elastic-waisted skirt today (not. even. kidding).

One thing I have noticed is that I seem to have a heightened sense of smell and taste. Nothing major yet, I'm just noticing smells more - luckily most of them have been pleasant. As for taste, I got brown rice sushi with salmon and avocado for lunch and every mouthful was a flavour sensation. Which is weird as it's the same sushi I have been eating for months. There has been speculation in the office that maybe all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals I am ingesting are waking up some latent super power. So yeah, I'll probably end up being a superhero. Whatevs.

Was just feeling quite tired and low on energy but I have been doing intensive spreadsheet analysis work for most of the day. I just had another of those little fibre snack muesli bars and I'm now feeling a little more alert. I'm smashing the water as I'm planning on going home, getting changed and heading out for a walk. It will be really interesting to see what my energy levels are like and how my body feels afterwards.

Soon you won't be able to tell us apart. Just sayin'.
Will report back tonight.

Mental state: happy, motivated
Physical state: slight headache, mild bloating

L x

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