Sunday, 20 October 2013

Day 19: down the rabbit hole

I felt slow and low on energy starting the day, probably due to not following my routine the evening before, and eating and drinking things rich and fatty. But I got myself up and out of the house to go fancy dress shopping as it was my friends Alice in Wonderland themed hens party that night.

What followed was hours of indecision and torture but in the end I decided to go as Alice's cat Dinah which meant I only needed ears, a tail and some creative make up, and could wear my own clothes. When I finally made it home from shopping I had a shake for lunch then headed to bed for a nap!

I woke up, and with help of a youtube tutorial set about transforming myself into a cat, which basically meant covering a large portion of my face in black eyeliner. Walking out to get a cab was an interesting experience but luckily it was brief, however my cab driver did think I looked highly amusing.

Having had a shake for breakfast and lunch I was feeling that familiar satisfied feeling and not at all hungry. I arrived at my friends house and the party got started. I ate some dumplings, had a couple of cocktails, and danced up a storm (I have the blisters to prove it). By the time I made it home I was ready for my bed, but had to take 20 minutes first and scrub the tar off my face lest it look like there was an oil spill in my bed in the morning. I drank as much water as possible before crashing out, and that was Saturday done and dusted.

L x

Mental state - bubbly
Physical state - partied out

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