Sunday, 20 October 2013

Day 18: girls just wanna have fun

This was a day of pure pampering and fun. I got up and followed my usual routine then headed to the hairdresser to get beautified. From there I went back into the city for some sushi and shopping with a friend.

Running late after spending too much time enjoying the sales, I got a pedicure then hotfooted it home to shower and change for my date! It has been a long time since I have gone out for dinner and drinks with a man other than Archer so I was nervous and excited.

I intended to have my dinner shake before heading out but by the time I was ready I only had time to grab my jacket and get a cab. Dinner and drinks were a success. My date and I laughed and chatted away the whole evening, and I couldn't stop smiling. Beer and wine and pork belly were consumed, but in much smaller doses than before as I can only assume my stomach has shrunk (for shame), but what made up for it was how much I could taste everything, and of course - the excellent company.

L x

Mental state - excited
Physical state - excited

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