Thursday, 17 October 2013

Day 17: food, glorious foooood!

I woke up and bounded out of bed this morning. Never have I been so excited to drink my shake. Before I did that, I weighed and measured myself and the results are pretty interesting - another 2kg and 7.5cm lost. Best of all, I am really starting to notice more muscle definition in my legs and arms.

I decided to go back to day one and try my shakes with ice today now that I can enjoy the taste. So powder, blueberries, ice and water went in the blender and a delicious smoothie came out - winning. For lunch I did eat an entire organic avocado. I made guacamole and I could not scoop it into my mouth fast enough. That may be the best guacamole I have ever eaten - delayed gratification in action.

The rest of this day has been wonderfully uneventful so now I am headed off to bed a happy camper who is looking forward to tomorrow, mostly because I have a date - eeeee!

L x

Mental state - happy
Physical state - relaxed

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