Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Day 16: AM - 2 fast 2 furious

So, dear readers, today we are boldly going where no me has ever gone before. A double fast day. Yeah that's right. My avocado fantasy is going to have to wait. In line with a lot of the research, I am doing what you may know as a 5:2 week. Basically, today I will be replicating my routine from yesterday (minus the grocery shopping) and just drinking my berry cocktails. This is supercharged delayed gratification.

I figure that since I am off work and this is an experiment, there is no better time than now. I woke up feeling really good and not hungry - so far so good. I have just had all my morning pills, potions and cocktail and just nibbled on a green tea dark chocolate.

The only unusual emotion I currently feel is rage towards my recruiter who seems to be reaching a level of panic over the fact that I haven't yet signed my contract for my new job. He has been calling me twice a day since Monday to freak out about security checks and references. My annoyance is not entirely his fault and more representative of the general distaste I have for the recruitment industry based on some of the poor practices and used car salesman tactics I have been exposed to over the years. But still, he needs to chill out. Maybe he could use a 30 day cleanse/detox?

I am going to go lie in the sun now and think zen thoughts.

L x

Mental state - lots of deep breathing
Physical state - ogres are like onions but everybody loves parfait

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