Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Day 15: the fast and the furious

So here we are on cleanse/fast day number two. And it hasn't been bad at all. In fact it was a dream compared to last weeks cleanse (minus the drunk feeling. Sad face. That was awesome).

I woke up feeling much recovered and ready to make cocktails. To help my immune system today I also took a tablet called Super Greens that contains wheat grass, spirulina, something else and most importantly chlorella which is like a super bad-ass antioxidant. I made my berry drinks more like slurpees today which made them super fun and less sweet whilst upping my water intake. I also found by snacking on just two green tea chocolates I also avoided the feeling of sugar overload but without my blood sugar dropping.

Doesn't that look delicious?!

I spent the day sun baking, relaxing and chatting with friends (some of whom thought it was hilarious to tell me all about what they were eating - jerks). The only slightly stupid thing I did was go grocery shopping. If you are not eating solid food, I do not recommend going to the one place specifically filled with chewy deliciousness. I walked out of there fantasising about eating an entire bbq chicken and a whole avocado but am happy to report that the cravings passed within minutes. Mostly. One thing this cleanse is teaching me is the value of delayed gratification. I am going to eat an entire avocado for lunch tomorrow and it is going to taste so freakin' good because I had to wait for it.

L x

Mental state - cheeky
Physical state - sleepy

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