Monday, 14 October 2013

Day 14: of mice and men

After going to sleep feeling so good it was a rude shock to wake up feeling so bad. I have been in bed sick all day and I'm still not better. I feel so bad, I think I might even have man-flu (feeling very whiney, complaining loudly to the cats - who just don't care at all!). I hope whatever it is that it's over quickly as I am missing book club right now and I never miss book club! But that's how 'meh' I feel.

I feel sick without feeling sick. As in, I think my body is fighting something off and that's the symptoms I'm dealing with. I have drunk a lot of water today to try and help myself, and I have put off my fast/cleanse day until tomorrow so that I could get all the goodness of the shakes into me. Kristy did say that this could be part of the detox, that all of the crap is starting to make it's way out of my system. When I think of that, I imagine the seven dwarfs walking off to work in single file and singing...

"heigh-ho, heigh-ho.."

Yes, that is weird. But I'm sick, why would you ask me anyway? Shoosh, I'm going to sleep now.

L x

Mental state - happy
Physical state - tired, headachey, temperature

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