Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Day 1: Evening - harden up princess

So now it is dinner time. Shake time. And I am feeling more than a little trepidation. On the sage advice of my guru Kristy I decided to make this shake with just water to enable me to scull it and not give my tastebuds time to realise what horror I was inflicting upon them. I felt no hunger to speak of (which is pretty amazing considering I had only had a small lunch and snack as my solid food for the day), but I figured it was best to get this thing out of the way ASAP so I would still have a couple of hours to roll around like a giant bloated baby before bed.

I put the powder and water into blender and gave it a whir. Pouring it into the cup was much easier without the ice and also made the volume significantly less which helped me psych myself up to drink it. It smelled deceivingly nice as per this morning. I stood in the kitchen staring at it for about a minute before I gave myself a stern talking to along the lines of - "for crying out loud, harden the fuck up. You cannot seriously be scared of a beverage". With that pep talk I strode to the lounge, took a sip of water and tipped the shake into my mouth. Once I had started drinking continuously I found I could barely taste it. Finishing it in one gulp I chased it with a big drink of water.

That was remarkably different to this mornings experience. Having it with water only was a winner, and I don't have the instant nausea. Until the day when I begin to enjoy the taste I think I am going to stick to this method. Am happy to report that this thinner shake has also not contributed to bloating me further. Although am considering wearing elastic-waisted pants to work tomorrow just in case.

I have one flush tablet to take right before bed and that is my first day on the program completed.

Me at the end of this challenging first day
Mental state: relieved!
Physical state: temp has settled down and bloating is stable if not reducing

L x

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