Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Green Room

So we moved house recently. And in our new apartment we have a light filled north facing balcony. Up until a few weeks ago that as the only redeeming feature of the balcony because once you stepped out there it was a world of boring and brown. Brown brick, brown pebble-crete, brown railing, brown door frame.

It was so dull that I hadn't thought about doing anything more than purchasing an outdoor setting. But then a curious thing happened. When we purchased the light grey table and chairs it made the space more inhabitable. A chance invitation to have a drink with our new neighbours then sealed what is now my new obsession. They had fake grass on their balcony. Not the short, very fake looking astro turf - but artificial lawn that looked *almost* real.

Two trips to Bunnings later and The Boyfriend was fitting grass on our balcony. And what an amazing difference that made! All of a sudden, this dull and lifeless space was transformed into a bright and happy space for entertaining and relaxing.

So that got me thinking, if the balcony now looks lush and green, and gets all this light, maybe I could actually grow something?  This thought was both shocking and confusing for me as I have been known to nearly kill succulents (it was only after 6 months of rehabilitation at my mum's house that they have finally recovered - and are now thriving under her expert care).

I already had a chilli plant that was surviving in spite of my incompetence so the first thing I did was get on the interwebs and research. I read everything there is to know about growing chilli's in pots, on balconies, in Australia.

So, another trip to Bunnings and this was the result:

Turns out, I actually had three plants in one, so I split them up, cut them right back and re-potted them in this big planter with cat grass at the front for the kittens to chew on. After a week, I was already seeing new growth all over the plants and am hopeful that I might actually get some chilli's!

Seeing the almost immediate results from the chilli plant has led me to be a bit more adventurous and I have decided to keep going with the edible theme.

So - a herb garden! These are my guinea pigs that I have re-potted into their new grey planters:
(From left to right: strawberry, sweet basil, mint, coriander, strawberry)

Could I be turning into a green thumb? We'll find out soon enough.

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