Sunday, 6 May 2012

Crazy Cat Lady

On Friday, it was Star Wars day. For those of you who don't know what that is, you need to check yo'self, before you wreck yo'self. It's called Google, yo - educate.

Ok enough gangsta talk. Basically, it is called Star Wars day because it is May the 4th. As in, May the fourth (force) be with you... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA - it really gets me every time - I AM 12!

But enough about my stunted adolescence. This post is about my cats. Or more accurately, my smooshie-faced, fluffy-butted, winkle-berries that make my heart sing with happiness.

As I was lying in bed on Friday, Dexter FantaPants came over to say good morning and ensure that I would not forget to provide him with breakfast (his greatest fear in life is missing a meal, as he is a fatty boombah). Without any provocation from me, he sat down in what could only be described as a Jabba the Hut pose and proceeded to have a bath. Like this:

I have never been more proud. My little FantaPants is a Star Wars fan. Just like his mumma.

My other fur-baby is Princess Tiger Lily. As evidenced by the half-open eyes, and weird head angle in this photo, she is more of a zombie fan:

It is no secret that I talk to my cats. Often and with gusto. But it's hard not to. They are awesome. Especially when they do cool things like Star Wars or zombie impersonations. They truly are my cats. And I am their bat-shit-crazy cat lady.

P.S. When you become a card-carrying member of the Crazy Cat Lady club, other people start to notice. And amend their gift buying appropriately. I received these gems for my 30th birthday from a wonderful, and caring aunt:

Yep, I know. There are no words.