Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I Love... Love!

I am a hopeless romantic. I am a sucker for the thoughtful, kind, subtleties of love and all the beautiful, romantic gestures that go along with it. Watching romantic movies - I cry. Watching emotional drama on TV - I cry. Hell, watching sweet commercials - I cry. And once, watching a pivotal, life-changing moment in golf - I cried.

But I hate Valentine's Day.

It is exclusive and fake. People who are single can be made to feel unloved and inferior when they don't receive flowers or have a date. And people in relationships can feel unloved and inferior when their partner doesn't send flowers or take them out for dinner.

This day creates a sense of entitlement and greed that is just plain bonkers. Where did this come from? And why do we only dedicate one day to love? To combat this crass commercialisation of love, this year I got four girlfriends together and we went to the pub for drinks and trivia. The Boyfriend also feels the same way about Feb 14 so he decided to have a man-date with one of his single buddies.

Unsurprisingly, trivia with the girls was a hoot! I drank cider, and got 4 mini hotdogs for $10. We also came fifth which means we have room for improvement - that $60 bar tab will be ours next time!

So that was the perfect Valentine's Day for me. I avoided all of the pitfalls and got to have a fun night with some mates with my sense of love and romance intact. Meaning I can continue to look forward to being surprised by sweet romantic gestures some other day.

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