Sunday, 20 February 2011

Run, Forest, RUN!

You know by now that I am becoming an exercise-loving loser. Well dear reader, hold on to your hat cos this post is dedicated to a website and accompanying iPhone app that is designed to help you track, record, and improve your fitness!


Um, are you still there? That's ok, you take a minute to recover. I'll just be playing with my new favourite app..

So it's called RunKeeper and it's FREE! It uses the GPS in your phone to map your route in real time and this super friendly woman gives you progress updates every five minutes to keep you motivated. And it totally works! I now have a 'Street Team' on the website too, which is a little like adding friends on Facebook. I get a status update on my homepage when they complete an activity.

So, this is my life now. I would feel more embarrassed for myself except for the fact that I have lost 1.4kgs this week! Can you believe that? Who knew that regular exercise was the key..  :) So that's it, I'm a loser and I LOVE it.